Wine Submission Process – FAQs

Can I submit my wine for a Wine-oji Profile?

Our Wine-oji service is currently available to Wineries, Suppliers and On-Trade only.

How much does it cost?

We charge a fee of $250 ex gst per wine profile as an introductory offer valid until 1st December 2022.

What's included in the service?

At Wine-oji Services we think globally. To begin, three professional palates taste your wine to create your Wine-oji Profile. You receive a PDF written profile, a high-quality social media image and a high-quality PDF print label of your Wine-oji Profile. The IP becomes yours to use on all digital & marketing material including your website & other promotional avenues. The range of products we have created help to expose your brand far & wide. Essentially, we become ambassadors for you & can even create additional bespoke products specific to your needs.
Let us give your wine the power to travel the world! 

How do I submit my wine?

Please submit your wines for Wine-oji Services using our online submission form. For each wine submitted, please upload a PDF of technical details, history, specific winemaking or other important information.

Please send one bottle of each wine. Please dispatch your wines after submission.

How do I know the wine has been delivered safely?

Once we receive your wine/s, we will send you confirmation via the contact email address provided.

How are the wines tasted?

Wines will be tasted simultaneously by the Wine-oji Services Team, with all three individual opinions collated to create your Wine-oji Profile. Wines are tasted with the producer’s identity known for consistency and transparency.

How are wines profiled?

We take a professional bottle shot of your wine & then prepare it for tasting. Once the team has assigned its Wine-oji’s, we use our graphic design software to create your unique Wine-oji Profile & all associated digital materials.
Rather than assigning a score or a number to your wine, we translate our tasting into images that convey exactly what is in the bottle. For this reason we do not mark your wine out of 100 or 20, as this is done by every wine reviewer out there!

What if my wine is out of condition?

If we find any fault eg cork taint, oxidation etc we will contact you for a replacement to be sent.

How long will it take to receive my Wine-oji Profile?

All wines submitted will be tasted & profiled within 10 working days of receiving. We will contact you via email with your Wine-oji Profile package when complete. 

Is my Wine-oji Profile published anywhere?

We will publish your Wine-oji Profile on Our intuitive search function helps consumers to find your wine using aromas, flavours & food matches. This means your wine has endless potential for exposure online.
We also promote via our social media accounts* including Instagram @wine_oji & Facebook @wineoji

*Social media post times may not correspond with when your review is added to our website.

Still have a question?

Feel free to email us: [email protected]