Why Us


We’ve created an exciting, world-first, visual wine profile
to improve consumer understanding of

what’s in the bottle!

Wine-oji® Services uses Wine-oji® to define a wine’s
to enhance enjoyment for wine lovers & appeal to a
wider market.

We are committed to proving that wine is accessible for all & envisage that the Wine-oji® seal of approval will one day feature on every bottle of wine!

Mission Statement


Inspire a new generation of wine buyers & wine lovers through visual connections with your wine.


Redefine the language of wine to enhance consumer confidence in the purchase and enjoyment of wine.


Help your wine reach more consumers & move fast from any store or wine list.


Professional, honest, engaging wine profiles using the power of imagery to communicate what is in the bottle.


To working with you to promote your wine, forge lasting relationships & empower your brand.

What Are Your Benefits?

YOU RECEIVE three professional opinions with a combined Wine-oji® Profile for every wine tasted, giving you more confidence to market your wine.

WE CREATE a visual wine profile with our revolutionary Wine-oji® Profile system alongside a written profile, offering huge potential to connect your wine to a wider audience.

WE CATALOGUE all Wine-oji Profiles on wineoji.com & promote via our marketing media platforms, improving your reach to our loyal wine-loving consumers.

YOU INCREASE the potential opportunity to feature your wines at the award-winning Noble Rot Wine Bar, as well as enhance your exposure to our private client base and hundreds of wine-lovers within our Noble Wines community.

YOU BECOME part of our vision & feature in something completely unique to the world of wine, while optimising the potential reach for your brand!

YOU REACH more consumers through our sommelier experience. We believe that the general consumer needs more confidence to select the right wines when they’re shopping. 

We’ve designed an intuitive search function that enables consumers to find wines using key aromas, flavours and even food matches. This gives them the confidence they need to search for their perfect wine based on their flavour profile, structural preference, or even what they’re cooking for dinner. Wine-oji® Services offers you the potential to expose your wine multiple times to a new, more informed consumer through the search engine. 

Meet The Panel

Maciej Zimny

Maciej Zimny

Josh Pointon

Josh Pointon

Jessica Wood

Jessica Wood

We are three passionate wine professionals and sommeliers with many years’ experience in wine and hospitality, both in New Zealand and overseas. Through our extensive restaurant experience and connecting daily with people buying and drinking wine, we’ve come to realise that they just want to know what’s in the bottle, what the wine really tastes like and whether they will enjoy it.

It all begins with consumer education.

Our creation of Wine-oji® has revolutionised the way wine is viewed, marketed and enjoyed. We understand that wine can be daunting for some but should be enjoyed by all!

After multiple years building our relationships and reputation in the industry, the Wine-oji® Team is the perfect choice to discover your wine in an engaging and enjoyable way.

We’re here to help you through the world of Wine-oji®.

The Birthplace of Wine-oji®

It all started at Noble Rot Wine Bar in Wellington, New Zealand!

We spend our days and nights serving, tasting, talking and teaching wine at the coalface of the restaurant business.

Time and again we’re asked: ‘Is it dry?’, ‘Is it oaky?’, ‘What’s the difference…?’, ‘Does it taste nice?’

We realised that many people must have these questions when they are buying wine for themselves at home, for a party, or for that special someone.

We wanted to extend our sommelier service outside the restaurant industry through a system of appealing imagery, to communicate to them at home what is in their bottle.

We started designing a library of fruit and floral images and, before we knew it, Wine-oji® was born!